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Hyper-Zarifa Gun

Zarifa Z Smart Massage Gun

The Zarifa Massage Gun and upgrade you to a harder and faster workout without requiring long recovery breaks. You will experience a noticeable difference after using the Zarifa Massage Gun, whether you’re training for elite competitions or just trying to maximize your time at the gym. It can even be utilized to simply help you relax after a long, draining day. Don’t be fooled by the compact, lightweight size. The Zarifa Massage Gun is powerful! It breaks down scar tissue and clears out lactic acid for long-term relief. It also increases blood circulation, releases muscle tension, and works to relieve back, muscle, and joint pain. Due to its durable, fast charging, and multipurpose design, you can easily take your Zarifa Massage Gun anywhere!

Have you been wishing you could reward yourself with a massage after a grueling workout? Well, now you can! The revolutionary, portable, and easy-to-use massage gun from Zarifa USA allows you to deliver deep muscle relief wherever you go. Always keep your Zarifa Massage Gun with you to provide your sore and achy muscles and joints with instant recovery and relief. This amazing machine is your ticket to recovering faster and feeling better all day long. It’s like your own personal and portable masseuse. 

MASSAGE GUN FOR ATHLETES - Built specifically to help relieve sore muscles before and after even the toughest workout so you can perform at your best. The WODFitters percussion massager has a powerful motor, 6 speed settings, and 4 head attachments to boost mobility and flexibility via trigger-point massage therapy for myofascial release, joint pain relief, and sore muscle recovery.

The Zarifa Massage Gun can relieve sore muscles before, after and during your workout to ensure you deliver your best performance every time. It works great for professional athletes or anyone who just hates wasting time because of muscle soreness.
Our exclusive six different speeds deliver every possible of intensity for your aches and injuries. Each specialized attachment is designed to improve flexibility and mobility by using trigger-point massage therapy techniques to target each area that needs attention.

The portable ability of the Zarifa Massage Gun means you can have a handy deep tissue massage whenever you need it. It charges quickly and holds the charge for hours, and features a lightweight, compact carrying case.
This athletic massager is especially great for targeting individual parts of your body that are often left out of traditional massage therapy. With the Zarifa Massage Gun, you can target any area on your body that needs attention no matter how hard to reach.

Your muscles feel different every day, so your massage should too. The Zarifa Massage Gun has six different levels of intensity so that your massage is completely customizable based on how your muscles feel at any different time.
You can also choose any of the four massage heads to target any specific muscle groups and nerves that need attention. The ball can be used to cover large sections of your body, the flathead for smaller surfaces, the bullet to target a specific area on your body, and the fork to take care of specific muscle groups.

Although the Zarifa Massage Gun is small and compact, it is fully capable of delivering the full body massage you have ever experienced. With our custom designed massage gun, you can easily target all areas that require a deep tissue massage. This includes your upper back, lower back, chest, neck, arms, calves, hamstrings, and abductors. You can adjust the intensity any way you need to get the massage gun to work through your joints and muscles.

Are your tough workouts leaving you drained and exhausted? The Zarifa Massage Gun can easily help you feel recharged and energized by filtering out lactic acid and increasing all your body’s blood flow. This can bring instant relief and it makes it easier for you to focus n on your next workout. This gun will help you sleep better at night and leave you waking up to feel refreshed and ready to take on the next day.

Your personal sports masseuse has arrived! When you’re training at a high level, you should give the body the relief and recovery it deserves. Pamper and protect your muscles before and after your workout to help you perform at your best level with the Zarifa Massage Gun. It’s like having a personal massage therapy appointment at your fingertips all day, every day.